It's all about content

Obviously, it is not enough to simply create a website or social media page and occasionally announce your special offers there. In the digital age, content is the cornerstone of a brand's online identity. It's the voice, ethos and unique story your brand tells - more than just text and images.

There are two key points that make up half of success: content diversity and frequency of posting. In order not to get lost in what your brand wants to tell its audience, a tool like a rubricator comes in handy. A rubricator is essentially a categorisation system that we implement for websites and social media channels to facilitate easy navigation through different topics and themes. Think of it as a digital librarian guiding you through the wealth of information.

As for variety - our content palette is diverse, ranging from traditional formats such as blog posts and newsletters to more dynamic media such as infographics, podcasts and videos. Here's a snapshot of the content formats we specialize in:

Blog posts & articles: insightful and SEO-optimized pieces that inform, entertain and engage your audience while building brand awareness.Infographics: complex data transformed into visually appealing and digestible content that grabs attention and makes information retention effortless.Videos: from long image videos to trendy Reels and Shorts, we harness the power of motion graphics to tell your story in a way that is both engaging and effective.Podcasts: tap into the power of conversation with podcasts that give your brand a voice and create a deeper connection with your audience.Email Newsletters: keep your audience informed and engaged with regular newsletters that drive traffic back to your site and nurture leads.Webinars & Live Sessions: interactive and real-time engagements that add value and build community around your brand.
And that's just a shortlist! Content formats are constantly evolving and we stay on top of all the updates.

At this point, you may be wondering how to measure the effectiveness of your content. There are many analytics tools that allow specialists to define whether the audience likes your content or whether it's better to adjust the rubricator and choose other formats. All these tools are already in one place - try our Digital CheckUP tool.

If you want to create content that attracts an audience and works for your success - contact us, let's find effective solutions together!